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Who are we?

We are two foxes, big fox and small fox, in love with each other and pizza. We are a couple from Germany and we love to share our love and positive feelings.


How did it start?

It all started out with big fox saying ‚Do what you love‘ which was the inspiration for small fox to do an Instagram. Small fox loves drawing and sometimes - when she is not hungry - says cute things. So she combined it and here we are spreading fox love all over the globe. As we started growing, we created a big Foxfamily with many Foxfriends from all over the world.


How does this shop work?

We believe in the perseveration of our planet. We hate unconsciousness and unnecessary waste.

Statistically in every wardrobe there are one to two pieces of clothing that have never been and will never be used. To be honest – we have experienced it ourselves. This is sadly just the beginning. Each year hundreds of thousands of unsold pieces are produced for nothing and go straight to the waste.

We don’t want that. For that reason we decided to produce any incoming orders on demand with highly specialized partners. This might delay the delivery, but we are confident that this decision will contribute to an overall good.


Product standards

Most of our products are organic cotton, Oeko-Tex™ certified or biodegradable.
Our products are printed with state of the art and eco-friendly machines. The textiles are embroidered for durability - they will never fade out. So you can have fun for many years with them.


Facility standards

We closely examine our fox partners. Our partners facilities use implemented corporate social responsibility initiatives like advanced recycling programs for paper, plastic, and glass or energy efficient LED lighting.
All ink waste is disposed properly in order to meet environmental regulations.
Damaged products are donated to charitable organizations. How cool is that?

Supply chain and packaging standards

For reasons of hygiene over the shipping and supply chain individual items must be placed into see-through low-density polymer bags. Items up a certain weight and dimensions are placed into a polymer mailer. Larger quantities are packaged into boxes. The poly bags used in our packaging are fully recyclable and low-density polyethylene. We currently work on even more natural alternatives.